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Free Shipping for Orders $65+. Use code FREESHIP65
More Spring 2023 Teas!

More Spring 2023 Teas!

Here at Happy Earth Tea we are celebrating the arrival of more spring 2023 teas!
After a long period of winter's rest, the tea farms are humming with activity right now. So are we:  sampling, ordering, running to the bank to wire funds and chasing down shipping companies to make sure our teas get here in time. Therefore it makes us excited to announce the release of four more spring teas, which includes a Darjeeling first flush from the famed Risheehat tea estate!
Risheehat is situated on one of the steepest elevations among Darjeeling gardens with rich fertile soil and expert tea pluckers! We are overjoyed to offer Risheehat's Organic Darjeeling Black Tea First Flush 2023. This elegant tea is bright and invigorating. 
The tea estates from where we usually source our Darjeelings - Sungma, Turzum and Puttabong - have sadly decided to revert back to conventional farming instead of organic. Therefore, we have decided to go with the storied organic tea estate called Okayti (Oh-ki-tea) established in the 1870's. That shipment should be here soon. 
Golden Monkey a crowd favorite is back after a year long hiatus. And it is good as ever! Considered one of the finest black teas from China the wiry shape of its dry leaves with golden tips is supposed to resemble a monkey's claw, hence the moniker.  
ic: Hand rolled Lu An Gua Pian green tea
Our Lu An Gua Pian green tea this year is hand-rolled! Lu An is made from the first leaf just below the bud. This tea is repeatedly baked during its processing, making it one of the most laborious green teas to manufacture. The hard work and craftmanship are rewarded with a very fresh and special cup of tea.
And finally, we are excited over the arrival of Huoshan Huangya Organic Yellow Tea - Spring 2023. Its processing is similar to that of green tea, except that its leaves are wrapped in bags to "smother" them for slight oxidation. You can learn more about the processing of yellow tea - which is increasingly a rarity - in the current issue of the magazine Eighty Degrees.
Also check out what our wonderful manager Jane has to say about the aromas and flavors of one of her favorite teas.
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