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Kukicha, stems of Gyokuro and Sencha (Organic)



Our Kukicha is made largely from stems and leaves of organically grown Gyokuro and Sencha. It has a mellow flavor (similar but muted form of the Gyokuro or Sencha notes) with a refreshing aftertaste. Since Kukicha has a high content of stems it has less caffeine than a regular green tea.

DRY LEAF: A mottled appearance of light green stems and the dark green of the leaves. Bears a fresh sweet green smell.

INFUSED LEAF: Has a vegetal, grassy nose with savory undertones.

CUP: A pale green liquor that has notes of sweet grass and boiled veggies. Light body with a just a hint of savoriness. Refreshing.  


   1 tbsp (3 grams) to a 8 oz cup


   1 min, re-steep: 1.5 mins



Aichi Prefecture


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