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Lu An Gua Pian. Organic



Also known as Lu'an Melon Seed tea, this famous green tea comes from Lu An county of Anhui province of China. Our summer 2014 batch comes with floral notes, hint of citrus and freshly cut sweet grass.

It is called melon seed tea because the infused leaves are supposed to recall seeds of melon.

DRY  TEA: Long elongated lightly rolled leaves with sweet earthy notes. Lu An Gua Pian is made from the single true leaf below the budset, which calls for careful plucking. 

INFUSION: Leaves turn olive green with a nose of floral, citrus and sweet grass.

CUP: The aroma recalls ripening rice fields. The deep straw colored cup is soft and smooth. Hints of citrus, grass, hay and smoke. No hints of bitterness. Refreshing.


  1 tbsp for a 8 oz cup


   2-3 mins; 2nd steeping possible.



Anhui Province, China

Harvest: Summer 2014

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