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Da Hong Pao - Red Robe - Pressed

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This is tea pressed into a shape of a chocolate bar happily surprised us with its exquisite taste. Normally, these "novelties" are more looks than substance but this one is actually made of a stand out Da Hong Pao, or the Red Robe oolong. 

This tea immerses you in the best of "rock oolongs" that come from the Wuyi Mountains. It is an aromatic tea that is brimming with thick, toasty and sweet flavors that linger long after you have finished the cup.  

Crafted with care and expertise, the tea maker has pressed this convenient 150 gram (5.3 oz) block, reminiscent of a chocolate bar, from leaves that were slightly crushed during the making of the premium Da Hong Pa. This bar allows you to enjoy 18 delightful servings of this aged marvel, delivering the authentic experience of Wuyi Rock Oolong at an exceptional value.

Designed for both the tea aficionado and the bustling modern tea lover, our Da Hong Pao rock oolong block simplifies the brewing process. Simply snap off a piece, steep it in hot water, and indulge in the simplicity of preparation without compromising on the rich, intricate flavors. You can steep this tea in both a cup or in a gaiwan for a traditional gong-fu style steeping. 

Also you can use half a piece (break it from the sides) if you find a whole piece too strong for your taste.   


To make it in a cup for small one-cup pot

   1 piece of the bar

   200-212 F

   1st steep - 3 mins, 2nd steep - 4 mins, 3rd steep - 5 mins

Gong Fu style - 1 piece of bar, 150 ml gaiwan - Water temp 200 F - 3 second steeps