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Gyokuro (Organically Grown)



Gyokuro is one of the highest forms of Japanese whole leaf green tea. We are proud to be offering Gyokuro from a certified Organic production that comes from Aichi Prefecture. Like the leaves for matcha, tea bushes are grown under intense shade for 2-3 weeks before the harvest of Gyokuro. 

DRY LEAF: Long needle like, vivid green leaves with a rich sweet smell.

WET LEAVES: Grassy green with a savory nose.

CUP: Light green liquor. Slightly grassy, salty, creamy with a mild sweetness. Rich umami.


   1  heaping tsp to 4oz water

   122 F (We recommend using lukewarm water and longer steeping time. This        brings out the sweetness better in the tea.)

   3 mins


Near Nishio, Aichi Prefecture.

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