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Free Shipping for Orders $65+. Use code FREESHIP65
Spring Teas 2021

Spring Teas 2021 Are Rolling In!

Spring teas 2021

The first of our spring teas of 2021 have arrived! Two delightful green teas from China that were manufactured before the Qingming festival, which means they are the very first of this year's crop.  These sublime green teas are Anji Bai Cha and Long Jing. They were very popular last year and sold out so we're thrilled to have them back in stock. 

Anji Bai Chai pre-Qingming 2021
The Anji Bai Cha green tea has a delicate body but is very flavorful. It is redolent with notes of sweet pea, cashew and wild flowers, packing the freshness of spring! Bai Cha, literally means white tea. They adopted this term for the name because the bud-sets used for making this tea have a very pale appearance. The tea leaves of Anji Bai Cha are certainly a pleasure to behold.
Long Jing Pre-Qingming

The pre-Qingming Long Jing organic green tea this spring is beautifully crafted and from a certified Organic tea garden. Although, to get the best results from this fresh tea, you will need to be mindful of the water temperature and the steep time. At around 170F and 2 minutes, the first steep is delicious. The second steep at 3 minutes is lovely too.

We hope you will enjoy these offerings.  Let us know what you think. 

Darjeeling, Nepal, Taiwan Update:
This year a protracted dry spell has been challenging for some of our tea manufacturers in the region. Therefore, we are expecting a more limited amount of quality tea this year. Presently, we are in the process of tasting samples to make sure we pick the best of the crop, keeping in mind not only quality but price. Some of the prices being reported are jaw-dropping. We'll keep you posted on the arrival of these lovely high mountain teas.  Until next time, stay well and may you find happiness in every cup!

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